Organic lifeforms, I am Psytron.
I am a cybernetic life form programmed to diffuse life from flesh.

Just my alter ego and whatnot. Took up the name 20 years ago playing games. Like Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament. I still seldom play those games. My old gaming community [warriors of honor] closed I played quite a bit of TeamFortress2, Final Fantasy XI online, and WoW.

Some of my interest are Black metal, Dubstep, Old Techno, Playing guitar, Shooting and the gun range, drinking a shit load of caffeine and playing games like Quake Champions, Doom, or Smite.

My current build

i7 - 6700 OCed 5GHZ
16 gigs OCZ DDR 4 RAM
MSI 980 TI Seahawk with a Corsair water cooler

XSPC Custom Liquid Cooling
1 L resi
360 mm Radiator

1 Tb HDD (Media)
1 SSD 500 GB (Games)
1 SSD 240 GB (Game backups)
1 SSD 120 GB (OS)