What are your three goals if you are accepted?:
1: to help anyone who is ineed of any support from the staff
2: to help the make the community a friendly place for anyone

Have you ever gotten warned/muted/tempmuted? If so, what will you do to amend your actions?: i do not remember if i have been warned but i have not been muted or temp muted, to attone for any warnigns i have received i will do my upmost to help the server grow and other players out when i am able to

What do you think the biggest current issue on the server is? (Staff members, greifing): there are quite a few issues on the server
1: lack of staff. ive noticed that not only is there a lack of staff online it makes it harder for players to get the help they ask for
2: players are breaking hte rules in chat, by being racist and discriminatory ontop of the griefing ect.

i wish to help out the server to the best of my abilities, Helix is such a great server and the community on the most part is amazing, but as ive said there are people who are discriminate agaisnt others. when i left helix due to my mental state early 2016 everyone seemed to get along, i come back and there are people fighting alot. alot of people torlling in the chat ect. i wish to help correct this and make sure helix becomes greater then it was befopre i left for a while.

Availability: i'm able to get on almost every day.

thank you for reading my application
CBWRedSovietWolf (Echo BloodWolf)