Hey everyone,
Auro here. So from yesterday, we have been organizing drop parties when we reach vote goals on https://attackofthebteamservers.com
Our first one was really successful and you loved it, so we are setting up more of them for you to enjoy :3

How does it work?
The more you vote, the more drop parties we have, and so ,the more goodies you get!

How do I participate?
Simply vote here > https://attackofthebteamservers.com/server/iyrWQuJ5/vote , and when we hit the 237 mark, a drop party will be announced (:

Our Goals
15 Votes to 200 - Drop Party 1
25 Votes to 237 - Drop Party 2 | To be Achieved
More goals to be announced

#Goals #AlotofAwesomeStuff