Update 8th June 2017: AOTB, Pixelmon, Minigames and Hub

Attack of the B-Team Lag Fixed

We are proud to say that AOTB Lag issues have been fixed :) We stuck in another restart between our 12 hour restarts , so now every 6 hours at 1am 7am 1pm 7pm (GMT +1), but the 1am and 1pm once are going to be really fast reboots, approximately say 3 minutes max to reboot, but the 7am 7pm ones will take longer since they will back up as per usual (taking around 10 minutes).

As to voting, We currently stand at 7th place but we wanna go back up to 3rd / 4th place!

Vote here lets go back up https://attackofthebteamservers.com/server/iyrWQuJ5/vote <3

Vote Reward Boost
x3 Gold - 15 Gold per Vote
x2 Game Credits

What's coming
Pixelmon, Minigames, New Hub

We are also currently working on 2 or 2 and half things in the background. We are working on a hub which connect Pixelmon and Minigames into one lobby, so you can basically switch from one to another without having to disconnect, load your MC and connect to the other server! We are making great strides in that.

We are also improving Pixelmon's performance and availability by getting it to support Pixelmon Launcher too. And we are alsooooo working on our new minigames server, but won't tell can't tell you much about that yet ;) So a lot of stuff to look forward we are sure you will enjoy! We are working really really hard to make this happen, and we believe in you, like you believe in us :)

We'll let you know as things progress